Koliadys (chants de Noël)
"Ray Rozryvsia"
Ensemble Drevo
"2001 73:14
Ensemble DREVO
Thèmes chrétiens dans les chants traditionnels ukrainiens."
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01 For a Good Day, O Host, To You
02 Oh, Uncle, Uncle, In Your Yard
03 Suffering Mother Stood Near the Cross
04 Sees God, Sees Creator
05 Did You Learn, O Brothers, Wonderful News
06 Oh, There Were Unfaithful People
07 Have Come the Three Kings to Christ With Gifts
08 Oh, Uncle, Uncle, In Your Yard
09 Oh, Did You Learn, O People, Such News
10 Graceful Lady Treaded Through the World
11 In the Honoured Lord's Yard
12 Our Watcher, Show Us the Way
13 Wonderful Time Has Come
14 Oh, In Jerusalem There Are Two Monasteries
15 Oh, In Jerusalem Bells Ring Early in the Morning
16 What Wonderful News
17 Through the Wide Field, Through the Deep Sea
18 Ah, In the Field, In the Field Bees Buzz
19 Oh, Christ Sat to Have a Supper
20 Christmas Day, Angel Has Come; Many Years
21 Yesterday Night from the Sky Yard
22 Many Years